Empower your students with growth mindset and EQ skills from real-life pros.

Introducing career discovery that helps drive academic outcomes.



Inspire and inform children with short videos of amazing professionals who share their growth mindset strategies.


Supports career readiness required by Title IV of Every Student Succeeds Act.


Tailored to fit with development stages and curriculum focus for different ages.


Transform your homeroom, choice time, advisory or freestyle. Weekly easy-to-use module programs to choose from!

Middle School

Middle school students learn how to visualize, discover, and goal set in a structured fashion. This programming provides the foundation to relate their interests with their career goals in preparation for high school. Positive and growth mindset messages are re-enforced through real-life examples from inspiring professionals.



Discovery is the primary focus of our elementary programming. With short videos, visualization exercises and Kahoot quizzes, we provide the foundation to help young learners kick-start their journey.


Some of our pros

Every pro shares what they do at their job, how they trained, and what motivated them to choose their career. Children learn about facing challenges, leadership, and grit. We highlight success strategies of accomplished professionals that children can use right away!

What educators are saying


Our middle school students were eager to learn about careers and connect with the world outside of our school walls.  Fig & Wally came to us during the pandemic and supported our students through their website, which was specifically tailored to meet our needs. Through the website, our students were able to gain exposure to some of the most interesting professionals, whose stories supported student interests and generated discussion.  The result?  Our students want more!

<p><span class="text-sm">Dr. Jennifer Lamia</span></p>,

Dr. Jennifer Lamia

Superintendent of Schools, Byram Hills, N.Y.

"I showed my students the video with Dr. Yu when we learned about the various NASA missions currently in action. They really like it and had even more questions at the end!  I think the Q&A format with the diagrams visuals while he explained was perfect.  Kept their attention and inspired curiosity!  I thought the length was super appropriate for my middle schoolers too. Great job!" 

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" ><span class="text-sm">Nichole</span></span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Math teacher, Marshall Middle School</span></p>


Math teacher, Marshall Middle School

"The Fig and Wally career chats were engaging and inspiring! I'm so grateful that my students had the opportunity to engage in such a meaningful career exploration opportunity."

<p><span class="text-sm">Nicky</span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Guidance Counselor, Hampstead Hill Academy</span></p>


Guidance Counselor, Hampstead Hill Academy

"As a middle school teacher I am so used to working with students to frame their perceptions of themselves not just as learners but also as a future member of the workforce in whatever field they choose, so seeing this done in this way is just so awesome!"

<p><span style="color: rgb(46, 46, 47) !important;" ><span class="text-sm">Beth</span></span></p>, <p><span class="text-sm">Parent/Teacher</span></p>



As Middle School Teachers, we had the opportunity to present this workshop to our students. From the moment we sat down to meet with the creators of Fig & Wally we knew this was going to be something special for our students.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!! Fig & Wally worked with us one on one to answer all of our questions to customize the website to the needs of our students. The website was user-friendly and easy to facilitate and navigate. The career choices were varied and inspiring. It is clear the creators of Fig & Wally are passionate about helping students to find an accessible, but not a finite path to their future. We were thrilled with this experience from start to finish. Thank you Fig and Wally from H..C.C!!!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" ><span class="text-sm">Melinda and Jeanine</span></span></p>,

Melinda and Jeanine

8th Grade English Teachers at H.C. Crittenden MS, Byram Hills, N.Y.

What research says about starting career discovery early

We need to encourage our children to aspire before they tell themselves they can't or shouldn't.

Career curiosity starts early

Career aspirations, exploration and interest in career information naturally occur during elementary school age (Gottfredson, 2005). 

Elimination of options also begins early

By the 5th grade, students begin to eliminate careers and develop career aspirations based on gender and social appraisals of careers (Auger et al., 2005).

Career discovery increases engagement

Engagement and motivation to learn increase when younger students connect lessons to real world activities and desirable future occupations (Means et al., 1997). 

Start now! Introduce your students to amazing careers, reinforce their growth mindset, and help them connect class to their future.