Kids learn about growth mindset skills while discovering the world of careers from pros.

Transform your homeroom, choice time, advisory or freestyle.


How children benefit


Research shows that children start eliminating career options based on their environments as early as 5th grade (Auger et al., 2005). Our pros inspire them to keep exploring!


We're making it super easy for you to incorporate power career discovery during homeroom, leadership, or freestyle classes.


Students learn to stay curious, achieve goals, and overcome challenges.


Re-enforce the value of empathy, relationship building, critical thinking, and communication to their futures.


Pros from all walks of life share by example that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

How it works

In 10 minutes, inspiring STEM and non-STEM professionals share growth mindset and EQ skills that help them succeed. Re-enforce vital life skills, while helping your students grow self-awareness of their interests.


Program includes modules for 14 classes.

Choose a pro or skill
Choose a pro or skill

Watch a NASA engineer talk about curiosity, Shark Scientist of critical thinking, and many more. (6 min)

Take a fun quiz
Take a fun quiz

Quizzes are designed to re-enforce growth mindset/EQ themes. (5 min)

Group discussion (optional)
Group discussion (optional)

Students practice the theme through fun discussion questions and role play activities. (5 min)

Supports career readiness required by Title IV of Every Student Succeeds Act.

What's included

14 modules with pro videos that highlight specific themes

Activities that re-enforce 6 growth mindset principles

Access to growing library of videos on STEM and non-STEM careers

Activities that re-enforce 6 EQ skills

Embedded fun and informative Kahoot quizzes

Personalized customer service

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Sample Program

Check out trailers of our pros and a sample Kahoot quiz. The full program includes 14 modules.

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Craniofacial Surgeon on being your best.

Dr. Thomas Imahiyerobo is one of the few Pediatric Craniofacial Surgeon who reconstructs children's skulls that have experienced deformities. He gives them a chance at leading a healthy life. In this video Dr. I presents one of his cases of reconstructing a little girl's skull and shares how always aims to do his best and


Key themes: STEM, the cutting edge of STEM, changing lives, aiming high.

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Shark Scientist on critical thinking.

Dr. Rachel Graham is known as the Jane Goodall of the marine world. She is a Shark Scientist and Conservationist who has spent 30 years working closely with local fisherman and communities to protect sharks.


Key themes: STEM, critical thinking, empathy, everyone has a super power.

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Topgun Fighter Pilot on perseverance.

Former Major Daniel Flately was in the U.S. Marines for 13 years and a Topgun pilot. He shares how he overcame the fear of failure to fly the most advanced fighter jets in the world


Key themes: STEM, how to stay calm, what to do when you feel like giving up.

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Founder & CEO of Beauty Brands on seeking help.

Shalini Vadhera built multi-million dollar global beauty brands from scratch. She started her entrepreneurial journey right after high school. Shalini shares the importance of seeking and giving help. She also talks about overcoming bullying and learning from failure.

Key themes: Non-STEM, seeking help, entrepreneurship, overcoming bullying.

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NASA Space Navigator on staying curious.

Dr. Yu Takahashi is an aerospace engineer who designs orbits that get spacecrafts to planets and asteroids. His curiosity in high school led him to working for NASA. He is currently working on the Juno mission to Jupiter and the mission to asteroid Benu.


Key themes: STEM, his 'H Key theory' on curiosity, how to go from average kid to NASA,

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K-9 Officer on confidence.

NYPD K-9 Officer Katrina Narvaez followed her passion to become a police officer even though her father, also an NYPD officer, was killed in the line of duty. She shares how she pushed through dark times to follow her passion. You get to meet her canine partner Freddy as they take us on a tour of the training room!


Key themes: Non-STEM, pushing through the pain, extra work pays off, building confidence.

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Driverless Car Engineer on thinking outside the box.

Peter Avram is a mechanical engineer who builds technologies that allow cars to move around without human drivers! He talks about always asking why and thinking outside the box. Peter works at Waymo, formerly Google. He also discusses his previous job as a satellite engineer.


Key themes: STEM, don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something, discovering your interests, how to start liking subjects you don't.

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Cardiothoracic surgeon on setting high expectations for yourself.

Dr. Mitsuko Takahshi is one of the few women Cardiothoracic 'heart and lung' surgeons in the U.S. At about 5 feet tall, she stands on a box to conduct surgeries. She shares that it is important to set high expectations because anything is possible.


Key themes: STEM, we are all same inside, practice makes perfect, put your mind to it and you will succeed.

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Executive Chef on how organizing helps you succeed.

Colin knew he loved cooking as early as 13. He started working in restaurant kitchens over summer vacation and worked his way up to running some of the most prestigious establishments in the country. At every step of the way, Colin uses his organization skills like note taking and prepping to deliver a great experience. Today, he is Executive Chef at his own restaurant Nina May, a popular spot in D.C.


Key themes: Non-STEM, being organized, creativity, entrepreneurship, persistence and overcoming failure.

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Wildlife & war photographer on the art of communication.

Ryan's award-winning work has been featured in National Geographic, PBS, and at Cannes. From getting his subjects to open up to him and making his audience feel the emotions he feels, persuasive communication is at the center of Ryan's work. He talks about his film on rogue elephants being rehabilitated and fireman putting out vicious fires in Delhi, India. Ryan's


Key themes: Non-STEM, secret to storytelling, allow yourself to evolve, awkward is just fine!

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Sound engineer & music producer on nurturing creativity.

Milton is an award winning sound engineer and music producer with 20 years of experience working with major artists in the Middle East. He shows you how to harness your creativity and the science behind music. He also shows you how to compose music!


Key themes: STEM and non-STEM, honing your creativity, how to compose music, follow your passion.

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What research says about starting career discovery early

We need to encourage our children to aspire before they tell themselves they can't or shouldn't.


Career aspirations, exploration and interest in career information naturally occur during elementary school age (Gottfredson, 2005). 


By the 5th grade, students begin to eliminate careers and develop career aspirations based on gender and social appraisals of careers (Auger et al., 2005).


Engagement and motivation to learn increase when younger students connect lessons to real world activities and desirable future occupations (Means et al., 1997). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a program?

14 STEM and non-STEM videos, that are each approximately 6 minutes long. Every video includes:

  • a short Kahoot quizz

  • optional discussion questions


We also include a bonus career dreamboard activity, which helps students visualize their interests and set goals.

What grades is this program for?

For elementary schools we recommend K4-5, as they are in the right place developmentally to benefit from it.

How much does the program cost?

$10 per student for up 50 students.

$7 per student for 50+ students

Do you offer free pilots?

We do offer a limited number of free pilots for schools with limited funding. Please contact us to learn more.

Can we request specific careers or fields?

Absolutely! Please send us your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is Fig & Wally about?

Built by sisters who've spared little in exploring the world of careers, Fig & Wally's mission is to ease the confusion and pain that comes with finding our place in the world. We do this by helping kids try on a world of options early on so they are prepared when they need to make the big decisions. We're building a first of its kind exploration platform for children that is exciting, helps build self-awareness, strengthens real-world skills, and nurtures a mindset that helps them actively design their path to happiness.

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