Founding Sisters

We love celebrating. We are four sisters with a huge family, 3 dozen cousins and their children! We grew up making excuses to celebrate everything just so we could spend time with family and friends (ex. our alarming plea to throw a birthday party for our dog Jaunty – unthinkable at the time – talk about trailblazing :-)). At parties, we couldn’t wait to turn up the music and learn the trendiest moves or just run around the house like we were on fire.

Birthdays were big. It was really the only day one of us would get special treatment i.e. brief acknowledgement that we might exist as a separate entity from our other siblings. And the best part . . . it was the perfect reason to get together.

We treasured the chaos, cake and chips, the one (maybe 2) wrapped gifts that we’d been not so secretly dreaming about all month long. And then there were the equally awesome unwrapped gifts – long white unsigned envelopes with a few cash bills tucked inside. Pocket money for the rest of the year! We could now treat ourselves to movie tickets, goodies, or little adventures. It was our very own explorer fund.


Fast forward, we have children of our own. We still love gatherings but miss the simplicity of gifting at birthdays or occasions where presents are involved. Don’t get us wrong. We love and genuinely appreciate gifts. But the world has changed so much since we were kids that as parents who want to teach our kids to be happy with the fewer things, we’ve struggled.

We try so hard to turn back the clock in other aspects our lives: less plastic, organic, save more, buy less. But when it comes to gifting, we are often at loss of how to contribute to what a child really wants and needs – that does always not come in a box. We believe that gifting is not about how much but how impactful we can be, especially when it comes to our children.

With Fig & Wally, we are turning back the clock to embrace what generations past often did – just contribute. We are so much happier contributing towards experiences, college savings, clothes or toys the child loves and needs. And we have not forgotten what kids want. In fact, their well-being is at the center of why we started Fig & Wally. Kids get to have the surprise with gifts that they are passionate about.

We know what we are doing is not for everybody. But we also know we are far from being alone on our journey. Hundreds of parents we’ve talked to often tell us how much they’d love to see a change to the gifting culture. ‘Presence is present’ enough and ‘no gifts’ don’t always work because deep down we all want make the child happy and show our affection.

We’ve heard (Link: and answered) all the why nots for wishlist contributions, from ‘it seems tacky’ to ‘I feel other parents will judge me’. But here’s the reality: 90% of the parents we’ve surveyed have told us they prefer to contribute to a gift.

Gifting for children is changing. Fig & Wally is at the forefront of this change. Join us!


Fig & Wally collaborates with a number of community organizations to set up events that expose underprivileged kids to careers & experiences through play and adventure.


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