Founding Sisters, Moms, and Dreamers


Fig & Wally is built by moms who believe that every child dreams differently and that gifts should flood a child’s imagination, not their closet. 

To parents who dreamed of becoming astronauts, coders, artists, architects, or Olympians when they were kids. Who took risks – left town early, tried a new cuisine, juggled two jobs, went back to school –  to pursue their dreams.

To parents who go the extra mile to unlock your child’s imagination – Join us. 


Our Mission

We built Fig & Wally because we felt limited by the current uninspired, safe, non-personalized, and environmentally wasteful gifting culture. It is the only child-focused aspirational gifting platform that enables parents to share their child’s Dream Fund – a collection of select experiences, classes, savings and more – with friends and family through their child’s party invite. 

Fig & Wally is on a mission to: 

  • Change non-personalized transactional gifting for dream-come-true gifting.
  • Promote group gifting, which enables family and friends contribute smaller amounts towards bigger dreams. 
  • Make gifting an opportunity for guests to learn about the child’s passions and interests.

We took generic gifting and turned it on its head. We mixed it with children’s magical dreams and invited the community to join in. Fig & Wally is fun and easy for parents and guests. Most of all it puts our children’s interests back at the center of gifting.


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Our community partners

Fig & Wally collaborates with a number of community organizations to set up events that expose underprivileged kids to careers & experiences through play and adventure.


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