Modern day gifting definitions 

Boomerang gifting

When you give a gift that comes right back to you, sometimes in the same wrapping. This usually happens on accident when the receiver forgets you were the gifter.

Circle gifting

Similar to Boomerang gifting, only with 2 or more re-gift stops. (In this case, each guest keeps track of whom the immediate gifter was). Your gift essentially becomes a serial party guest.  After visiting a few homes, it returns to you, thereby completing the gifting circle. While it is happy to see you again, it is probably somewhat tired and demoralized and would appreciate being retired from the party circuit.

Donation box

A box that is exclusively reserved to stash unwanted gifts that are donated from time to time. The D-box is usually kept out of children’s reach so they don’t accidently stumble upon their gifts and demand to keep them. In a gifting pinch, the receiver might pick one out of the pile and re-gift it.

Re-gift box

Similar to the Donation Box but solely used to stash unwanted gifts until there is a re-gifting occasion. The box usually contains an assortment of gift bags and decorative tissue for easy wrapping.

Review burnout

When you have spent numerous hours online reading through reviews of potential gifts that fit all the criteria of staple gifts plus are cool or unique in some way. This strenuous activity often results in abandoning the search and resorting to a staple gift, such a gift card or coloring set.

Staple gift

An item that is stocked or purchased for most gifting occasions. The top items include gift cards, block sets, coloring sets, etc. These are non-offensive, gender neutral, toxin free, noise free, evergreen items that can are either rapidly consumable or can make a good addition to the Re-gift box (see Re-gift box).