Super Eco-Friendly Ideas For Any Party


We spend all year sorting our trash, buying BPA free, carrying cloth bags for groceries. Then comes the party, when all our eco-friendliness goes out the window. Mostly because it can be cumbersome to think eco when we are rushing around trying to host a bunch of guests. Here are some easy tips to eco-fy your party:

Let’s Start With The Basics . . .

  1. Plan Ahead.In order to plan an eco-friendly party, we have to start incorporating eco-friendly ideas in the planning stages. For those who feel awkward about the whole ‘green/eco’ movement, these ideas will also give your party a vintage and sophisticated look. So win win!
  2. Create a Paperless Event Invite.Fig & Wally is here to help!
  3. Buy Used Party Supplies Like Table Cloths.Yes! You can save on buying unique table cloths you can use few times a year. Check out these fun Moroccan Table Cloth patterns that cheer up your party but can also make for a cozy and elegant Sunday dinner.

Ambesonne Mexican Tablecloth

  1. Use Water Jugs or a Glass Drinks Dispenser:  Have you been collecting glass bottles all your life? Well, finally here’s a use for them!  And no, not all kids break bottles ‘under adult supervision.’ Two cases of Plastic water bottles approximately 17$. One glass dispenser 60$ – Sounds pricey but they can be used at all the family gatherings and parties. They are also an easy upgrade to the decor.

Glass Drinks Dispenser

  1. Green Gifting: Again, gift through Fig & Wally. We help guest contribute to a few meaningful and thoughtful gifts, instead of many, often  last minute low quality, toys. This way, a lot less wrapping paper is used. Wrapping paper is one of the largest contributes to non-recyclable paper waste. If you must wrap,  use plain brown paper and spice it up with some coloring. Do not use bows or sparkles, which make paper non-recyclable. If you add bows, make sure not to use glue and take them off before recycling the paper.
  2. Trash Collection: A Big Bonus Point for those who take eco-friendly parties one step further!
    • Instead of the big black all-in garbage bags, add three clearly marked recycle bins. It only takes about 2-3 seconds to find what trash goes where – this will help them along. Buy some and reuse them. Why stop at parties? I think I definitely can use some extra bins at home.
      Recycle Bin 1 : Plastics, Metal, Glass,
      Recycle Bin 2: Paper.
      Recycle Bin 3: Compost. I know this is a new surprising addition, but guests will be relieved to find an option for leftover cake! Plus it stays away from recycled trash.
    • Place them next to each other so people don’t have to go searching for them. Want to go further: Print them on your own.
    • Place Them Prominently. Once, you figure out the flow of the party, place them at a convenient yet noticeable location. Great Location Ideas: Near the exits after eating. Bad location ideas – near the DJ or Dance Floor…:)

Let’s make easy mean sustainable when it comes to party planning! The experience and celebration with loved ones matters the most, so a little more thoughtfulness goes a long way.