What is Fig & Wally?

We are changing the culture of gifting for children. Today, kids get tons of gifts with no actual insight into the child’s passions, interests or needs. Almost 75% of the toys get re-gifted, returned, hidden or donated. Parents are frustrated and kids are over stimulated with the wrong messages. At the same time, 90% of guests prefer to contribute to gifts children need and want.

We are helping hosts and guests make children happier. At Fig and Wally, we have tweaked the invitation to include a Dream Fund in the invite. Parents choose a few gifts (experiences, savings, or things) filling the Dream Fund with wholesome surprises. Guests easily contribute small amounts towards the Dream Fund.

How does Fig & Wally work?

To get started:

  • Go to Start Dream Fund to build your invite. Choose from a fun selection of designs.
  • First, add event details first. If you want to send out only a Dream Fund, you can click the option to remove event details.
  • Then add images of gifts to your Dream Fund. We have preset icons as well for savings funds like adventures and college savings.
  • To collect funds quickly create a PayPal Money Pool Fund and post the link in the Set Up Fund section of the invite builder. 
  • Last step, add emails and share the invite with guests. You can also copy the invite link and share it via text.

Once the invites are sent, guests will be notified to RSVP. If they say they ‘Yes’ to contribute to the Dream Fund, guests will be presented the link to easily contribute to your PayPal fund right from the invite. 

Hosts use the funds to buy gifts for their child/child-of-honor in time for the event or after depending on what is most convenient.

Fig & Wally’s invitation and wishlist service is 100% free.

What is a Dream Fund?

A Dream Fund is a collection of gifts for the child-of-honor that parents share with guests. Guests can easily contribute to Dream Funds presents that child loves and needs.

Here is why we chose a Dream Fund:

  1. We believe in communal gifting. Instead of buying individual gifts from a registry, small contributions can go towards experiences, savings, charities, or things that are more than the cost of what a single item might be.
  2. We want guests to feel comfortable contributing small amounts and not having to buy an entire gift.
  3. A Dream Fund reduces the burden on parents of choosing a number gifts at varying price points to add to a registry so that guests have options to choose from.

We encourage joining forces to contribute to a Dream Fund with gifts that our children are actually passionate about.

What occasions can Fig & Wally be used for?

In-person gatherings like Birthdays, Communions, Baptisms, B’nai Mitzvahs, Graduations or more.

Remote gifting occasions like  Christmas or Teachers Appreciation which might not have a gathering associated with them.

Does Fig & Wally charge fees?

Fig & Wally is 100% free —seriously. All contributions go directly to the host.

Hosts and guests may be charged transaction fees by PayPal, based on preferred payment methods. For more info, visit

Why not other online invitations?

We get that a lot. Here is why you should use Fig & Wally. 

  1. We make is super easy to add a Dream Fund in your invite. 
  2. We focus on contributions to the Dream Fund, whether experiences, savings, charities or toys. No other site has successfully combined online invitations and Dream Funds (that request contributions instead of registries.) 
  3. We make it easy for guests to contribute via PayPal.
  4. We are on a mission to return thoughtfulness to gifting by focusing on our children’s passions and interests.
  5. Most of all, when you become a Fig & Wally’er you are not just sending out an invite, you are helping transform gifting.

Is the Dream Fund a surprise?

We love surprises and highly recommend keeping some of the items on the Dream Fund a surprise for the guest-of-honor!

Many hosts play detective to discover which gifts to add to the Dream Fund and keep them a surprise.

Others enjoy engaging the guest-of-honor in a conversation about what they would like as presents, especially when it comes to deciding which charities to share their gifts with.

There is no right or wrong way to build the Dream Fund. Our best piece of advice is to keep the magic with a surprise or two while ensuring the guest-of-honor will love and grow from all the gifts on the Dream Fund – surprise or not.

Is Fig & Wally against toys?

Never! That’s exactly why our Dream Fund allows parents to add toys. Some of our favorite memories come from playing with wind-up dog, legos, barbie and my little pony. We shared a handful of toys among the four of us and learned and imagined through play.

We just think our kids don’t need 200 toys – often times near doubles or quadruples.

Quick factoids:
– The average child in the developed world owns over 200 toys but only plays with 12 of their favorite on a daily basis!
– Only 3% of the world’s children live in the US, but they own 40+% of the world’s toys!

Who are Fig & Wally?

Fig & Wally gets its name from the co-founding sisters’ favorite ice-cream growing up, Fig & Walnut. They looked forward to their weekly family outing to the ice-cream parlor. With Fig & Wally, we help build beautiful memories because they bring us closer together and last forever.


How long does it take to create and share a Fig & Wally invite?

In as little as 15 minutes hosts can design their invite, set up and link their PayPal fund and send invites to guests. 

That said, it all depends on how long you need to pull together your Dream Fund! Some parents have the list ready others play detective for weeks leading up to the event.

How do hosts invite guests?

Glad you asked! Once you’ve entered the event details, Dream Fund items and PayPal Pool link, you’ll be asked to enter the emails of invited guests, separated by semicolons.

If you want to send out a link to a larger group, we have made it easy for you to copy the invitation link and share through a text message or a chat group once it is completed.

How do hosts receive monetary contributions from guests?

Great question. First things first, hosts set up a PayPal Money Pool fund here. Once the account is created, hosts will include that link in their Fig & Wally invitation. Don’t worry, this method is secure and completely managed by the hosts.

When the invitations are emailed, guests will open the link and contribute easily. Click here for more questions about Paypal Money Pool. Below is a quick video on how to set up your fund. 


Can hosts use payment methods other that PayPal?

Unfortunately, as of now we only offer PayPal funds to be directly connected to our platform. As we grow, we plan to allow more options. For now, you will require a link to your PayPal Money Pool fund in order to send out your invitations.

Regardless, your guests will be able to contribute to your PayPal fund with a credit card and do not have to have a PayPal account to contribute.

Can we use Fig & Wally to collect contributions towards a Dream Fund even if there is no party planned?

Yes! When designing your invite you will be asked whether you want to ‘Remove event details’. Check the box and you will not have to add in the venue and time for an event. The Dream Fund only option is popular for occasions like Christmas, Graduation, or Teacher Appreciation when friends and family want to contribute remotely and a gathering might not be planned

I don’t want guests to contribute too much! Can I set a maximum amount for contributions?

Yes you can! There are 2 places you can do so.

First, you can recommend a maximum amount right in the Option to Contribute section of the invitation. We included this field after hearing from parents that they don’t want guests to contribute too much.

The maximum amount shown on the invite does not limit how much the guest can actually contribute to the PayPal fund. We still recommend adding this amount because we find that guests sometimes benefit from some guidance on how much is a good amount and this saves them a lot of wondering.

The most common recommendations range between $10 and $20. 

Remember the recommended maximum amount is optional. Many guests prefer not to include a recommendation.


2. If you would like to limit the amount of actual contributions by guests, you can change the settings on your PayPal Pool fund. Once the limit is set, each contributor will not be able to contribute more than the set maximum per transaction.

See our FAQ on PayPal for more details.

How do I choose what to put on the wishlist?

We do not want kids and parents to limit their imaginations when it comes to the kind of gift their child would love.

Any gift that would help build a child’s passion can come from anywhere – like a local art store, a dog shelter, sample music classes, etc. If you can imagine it, you can add it. All you have to do is upload an image onto the Dream Fund.

How do guests RSVP for my party?

Guests will receive an email with the digital invitation and Dream Fund, where they can RSVP directly to the party and will be linked to your PayPal Pool fund to contribute if they ‘Yes’ the want to contribute to the Dream Fund.

You can view and manage your RSVP from your dashboard!

Will guests receive reminders to RSVP?

We’ve got you! Once you send out your invite, we send out RSVP reminders to your guests 10 and 3 days in advance of the event.

We also send them a day of reminder so they don’t forget to attend!


Why are guests asked to give money?

Our mission is to change the way people gift. In order to do this, we empower parents to share the most meaningful and necessary gifts for their children.

By collecting contributions from guests, Fig & Wally eliminates the awkward guessing game of what to gift and allows parents to purchase the perfect gifts, plan experiences or save for college.

How do guests contribute funds?

Guests will receive digital invitations in their email. Within their invite, once they guest click ‘Yes’ under ‘Option to Contribute’ and submit their RSVP, they will be presented the host’s PayPal link to contribute.

Using this link, guests can securely and confidently contribute funds instantly. If guests do not have a PayPal account, they can choose the Pay as Guest option to contribute with Credit Cards.

Do I need to contribute to the wishlist?

You absolutely do not have to contribute towards the Dream Fund. In fact, most hosts recommend that guests really don’t need to give gifts or contribute to the Dream Fund at all. But we know that can be difficult because we all love to give and receive gifts!

Fig & Wally is only meant to be an option when guests are not sure what to get the child-of-honor and prefer to contribute towards gifts the child would love and needs.

If you prefer to gift something special, please do! We are all about thoughtfulness and sharing values.

If I contribute, do I still need to buy gifts?

Not at all! Actually, please don’t. The whole point of Fig & Wally is to contribute towards a Dream Fund of favorites and relieve the guests of the guessing game and spending too much.

If you have contributed to the Dream Fund, please don’t feel the need to bring a gift as well. Fig & Wally hosts are happy to celebrate with family and friends and are sending out the Dream Fund to make gifting easier on everyone.

I feel awkward showing up at the party without a gift in my hand. Should I bring something with me?

We totally get you. When we started Fig & Wally, we also wondered how it would feel.

But after many successful parties, we’ve seen the joy from contributing towards the perfect Dream Fund transcends any awkwardness that guests feel not showing up with something in their hands.

Fig & Wally is building a community that transforms how we think of gifting. We know it won’t be easy at first but the culture will spread.

Does a Dream Fund mean no gifts will be unwrapped at the party?!

We recommend that hosts include both tangible gifts and funds on the Dream Fund so the child does not miss out on the magic of unwrapping!

That said, we never know if gifts will be unwrapped at the party or after. So often, everyone is too busy partying to unwrap the gifts at the event!

We recommend that hosts have the wrapped gifts on the Dream Fund at the party.

How do we know if parents will use the funds for the wishlist and not something else?

You won’t. But it’s no different from not knowing whether they re-gift, hide or dispose of other gifts. We must trust that parents will have their children’s best interests at heart.

We have also found that hosts are more likely to buy items on the Dream Fund because they have carefully selected them based on their children’s interests and are asking guests to trust them as well.

What if I can’t RSVP or attend at the last minute? When is the right time to contribute?

We know that with children planning ahead can be a myth. We never know until a few days before if they might fall ill or something else comes up. We have designed Fig & Wally to allow guests to contribute whenever they are ready to do so. For example, you can RSVP maybe or yes and decide to contribute to the Dream Fund closer to the date.

There is no right time. We have seen guests contribute anywhere from right when they receive the invite to a few days before the invitation.