Inspiring kids through real life experiences.

Virtual chats for kids to ask real life professionals about their cool stories.

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Meet our speakers

Flight Paramedic Chris Courter - Video coming soon!

Heart & Lung Surgeon Dr. Mitsuko - Video coming soon!

What we do.

From Topgun pilots to sound engineers and heart surgeons, Fig & Wally is inspiring children by bringing stories of diverse professionals and people across the globe through our Kids Get Inspired virtual chats.

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From our audience...

Learn about our Dreamfund

We believe that every child has unique and evolving dreams and that gifts should not flood a child’s closet but their imagination.

Our free Dream Fund helps family and friends contribute small amounts through group gifting, while learning about a child’s interests and passions. Parents can share a selection of experiences, classes, savings or more that that guests can contribute towards – all helping children explore the world through real life experiences.


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