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Your kids can ask Topgun fighter pilots, heart surgeons, pro athletes, scientists and more about perseverance, success, failure, fear, and conquering obstacles. Hear their blueprints to achieving their dreams.

Our Kids Get Inspired virtual chats are free and highly interactive, so every child is one step closer to discovering who they want to become.





Interplanetary Satillite Navigator, Dr. Yu Takahashi

Have you ever met someone who has controlled a spacecraft … in space? Dr. Yu Takahashi navigates spacecrafts in deep space. He is currently a member of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) team that navigates the exploratory satellite Juno around Jupiter. 


"Coolest Zoom Experience!! Keep doing what you are doing. She loved seeing the inside of a helicopter!"

About Chris the Flight Paramedic

"Loved how he shared his enjoyment for music since he was little and followed his dream."

About Milton a Music Producer & Sound Engineer

"Information & Inspiration! Shailee spoke really well to this age, gave practical skills and things for young and adults to work on. This was a great guest speaker"

About Shailee the Mount Everest Climber

" Loved everything that Dr. M mentioned about her journey to become a heart surgeon, her job nature, & showing us the operation theatre & tools "

About Dr. Mitsuko a Cardiothoracic Surgeon 

"It was an amazing experience for my son. He wants to be in the military when he gets bigger and wants to fly. He loved every minute of the chat and he even got to ask a question. Thank you for organizing it!"

About Dan the Top Gun Pilot

"My kids both love aquatic life and my son is especially in love with whale sharks. This was such a unique and amazing experience. It was great that Dr Graham was comfortable talking to kids and willing to engage on their level while still using advanced and sophisticated terminology. This was a real gem!"

About Dr. Rachel Graham a Shark Conservation Scientist


Shark Scientist, Dr. Rachel Graham

‘I thought life was simple – from point A to point B until I realized life doesn’t take you in a straight line.’ Dr. Graham’s path to working with sharks was not straight forward. Kids discover sharks through the awe inspiring experiences of a conservation scientist.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Mitsuko Takahashi

‘You can do what you love if you put your mind to it.’ Dr. Mitsuko enthralls kids with her stories of sewing hearts with curved needles and  microscopic magnifying glasses.

Former Major and Top Gun Pilot, Dan Flatley

‘Being nervous is a good thing.’ Fly along faster than the speed of sound, as Dan describes each step on his way to becoming an elite fighter pilot and Topgun graduate.

Wildlife Conservationist, Dr. Kathayoon Khalil

‘It is never too early to find what you love doing.’ Kathayoon shares touching stories about her favorite companions at the Oregon Zoo. Her career started as a zoo volunteer at 13!

Flight Paramedic, Chris Courter

‘Never stop learning.’  This is your chance to peek inside a medevac helicopter! Chris takes us on a tour of helicopters as he discusses his adventurous career from deep sea diver to a flight paramedic.

Filmmaker and Photographer, Ryan Lobo

‘Storytelling is about making others feel how you feel about something.’ Go on an adventure with Ryan as he makes you feel the emotions behind his photos of rogue elephants and melting cameras.

Music Producer and Sound Engineer, Miltiadis Kyvernitis

‘There are no rules in music, what matters are the transitions.’ Life advice in music speak from a music pro who works with leading international artists. Milton shows kids how to create incredible music.

Mount Everest Climber, and Social Activist, Shailee Basnet

“When things go wrong, accept that and then focus your skills on the solution.” Shailee tells kids about lessons on humility, perseverance, compassion, and grit that the tallest mountains of the world taught her.



What is the ‘Kids Get Inspired’ series?

‘Kids Get Inspired’ is a virtual chat series with professionals for kids. From Topgun pilots to sound engineers and heart surgeons, Fig & Wally is inspiring children by bringing stories of diverse professionals and people across the globe through our virtual chats.

How does it work?

All you have to do is register, mark your calendar, and join the Zoom event. We open registration several weeks in advance and promote the event on all our channels (so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us online!). The day before the event, we email out the Zoom link; we also send a reminder 45 minutes before the start. Virtual chats last one hour. We open with an intro, move onto some prepared questions about the professional’s background, career path, inspiration, and in some cases, visuals of work (i.e., helicopter tour, up close with animals at the zoo, photo slideshow, etc.), and then, we open up the call to questions from participants!

How do I sign up?

All of our upcoming events are listed on our website. You can click on the links there to register on EventBrite. We also partner with KidPass. 

How can kids ask questions?

In the days leading up the event, we send out an email with a form for you to submit questions in advance. During the virtual chat, children can message us questions over chat or raise their hand using the Zoom feature to ask live.

Why are we doing this?

The world is full of diverse and inspiring people, professions and stories that children are rarely informed about. We believe that when children are exposed to the richness and power of real life stories, they will be better prepared to explore and achieve their dreams as adults.

How much does it cost?

FREE! We keep the Kids Virtual Chat Series free for parents to ensure inclusivity of children across all backgrounds. If you are interested in sponsoring the Kids Get Inspired series, please contact us.

How can I watch past sessions?

Check out our YouTube channel. We post past sessions shortly after the live events. We highly suggest you register for our live events, as this allows children to engage and ask questions LIVE to our speakers.

I’m having trouble joining the session.

Check the email you should have received the day before the event as well as one hour beforehand. If you are still having trouble with the Zoom link included in those emails, please contact us

How can I help spread the word?

We’re constantly trying to engage and inspire even more children. You can follow us across our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube), share our posts, and send our sign up links to anyone and everyone! If you’re a teacher or blogger, let’s talk—contact us!


How do I suggest a speaker?

We collect suggestions in our feedback forms after each live event. You can also contact us!

I want to speak! How can I get in touch?


Does my child need to turn the camera on?

No. How you participate is up to you. We encourage children to keep their cameras on and use Zoom features like chat and raised hand to ask live questions in order to maximize their engagement, but it is up to you!

Will my child be recorded and posted online?

We record the session for our own archive, however, the recording is not published online. We publish the chats on our YouTube channel after editing out the children.


Have any other questions? Please contact us!